Account Management Overview

This section covers sending products to ezyCommerce and moving it out of our warehouse.

Start by reading about our Product restriction to ensure that ezyCommerce fulfills your product category. Learn more about how to send your products safely and securely – Inbound Shipment .


1. How will I receive notifications of any changes pertaining to the system and/or my account?

We will send an email of any important announcements as well as put it under Announcement widget in Dashboard

2. How to create multiple user accounts with multiple permissions?

Go to My Account (in top menu bar) > User Account > Add new sub-user. Refer to our how to section for more details

3. How to customize shipping labels?

We provide the option to customize the packing slip. This can be done under My Account > Preferences > Other Preferences

4. How to unsubscribe or change email notifications?

Email notifications can be turned off at any time by accessing the platform and unchecking the notifications under My Account > Preferences > Email Preferences.

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