1. What services will I be charged for?

We provide a modular solution so that you can choose the services that you require. Our platform and integrating to multiple marketplaces comes free of cost. We charge only for storage, pick & pack, delivery and any value added services [Modularization will be offered in the near future]

2. Is there a minimum weight charged for outbound orders? Or do you use the exact weight irrespective of how less it is?

It varries from one delivery product to another. The minimum charge will be for 0.5 kgs

3. Can I know my fees at any time or only monthly bills?

Yes, it can be accessed from our platform under My Account > Billing > Billing Summary.

4. What are the options for making monthly payments?

Cheque deposit where the instructions are found in the invoice

5. How do I get a report?

You can download from My Account > Reports. Apply filters if required and proceed to download the report. [The report will be in xls format]