Low cost, multi-channel, fully integrated eCommerce fulfillment solution



ezyCommerce can transform your entire fulfillment process using 4 simple steps

You Send

Add some products

When you login to ezyCommerce, the first step is to set up your Product catalog. You can add your products manually one at a time or by uploading hundreds of product using a spreadsheet template. ezyCommerce Product catalog allows you to store customs information at a product level and other product attributes such as Active, Exportable, Fragile etc.

Every product needs to have a unique identification which is called the Merchant SKU. You can also store other forms of product identification such as EAN/UPC/JAN/ISBN. Once a product has been added to the ezyCommerce catalog, it will also be assigned a unique ezy-SKU ID, which is the unique identification across all products and Merchants.

Create an Inbound shipment

After you have added a few products, the next step is to create your first Inbound Shipment to our warehouse. This is really-easy to do using the Inbound Shipment Creation Workflow. You can easily search and add products you want to ship, prepare your products and provide us details to we can be ready to receive your shipment. The Inbound Shipment Preparation guide will help you to label and pack your products so your products are ready for sale as soon as they are received in the warehouse

Some key features in this section include –

  • Create and manage Product catalog
  • Set inventory alert levels
  • Add multiple product attributes
  • Search and add Products to shipmentg
  • Prepare and send shipments


We Stock

Receiving process

Once your shipment is received by the warehouse, we open the outer packaging cartons, do a visual check (for damages), and count the number of units received for each product. If your complete shipment was not received in the same day, we will wait up to 48 hours to receive the rest of the shipment. Once the full shipment has been received, we will scan the items received, label them (optional) and put them away to Storage. As soon as shipment is closed, you can receive an email with the Inbound Shipment summary which will inform you about the products received and their condition. You can also view the complete shipment status online.

Storage process

We store your products in a very clean and secure environment. Our warehouse is equipped with multiple storage mediums – pallets, shelves, totes and bins. We store your products in the most optimal storage medium. ezyCommerce Warehouse Management System (WMS) is enterprise-grade, very advanced and is designed to handle the most complex multi-client storage and distribution environments.

Some salient features of our warehouse(s) are -

  • Is e(zy)Commerce ready
  • they have the most efficient Receiving process
  • Follow best inventory management practices
  • Offer fully variable Storage and Handling rates


You Sell

Creating orders

You can sell on multiple marketplaces and shopping carts. Once an order is created / received into the ezyCommerce platform, all you need to do is to review and approve it. We then pick and pack the order according to your specification and it is ready to ship.

Selling internationally

If it is an international order, all customs related information is automatically populated from your product catalog. You can turn auto approval on which will automatically approve your order with your selected preferences if you are not around to manually approve it. You can also selectively hold orders based on certain order value.

With ezyCommerce, the entire order lifecycle can be managed from a single page. You can –

  • Create Orders in multiple ways
  • Connect to multiple Sales Channels
  • Automate your order fulfillment
  • Pre-configure customs declaration


We Ship

Shipping process

We ship locally and to more than 220 countries worldwide using a range of trackable, delivery options. You can choose the preferred delivery method. We will enclose a packing list with every order which will show the shipped items in an order. Once your order has shipped, the tracking number will be updated on the platform and you can continue to track the order online.

Shipping Internationally

For international orders, we will also enclose Customs declaration and CN22/CN23 commercial invoices. All of our delivery methods are Delivery Duty UnPaid (DDU) hence the customer will be required to pay duties (if applicable) to receive the shipment.

Using our single page shipping workflow, you can –

  • Choose the best delivery option
  • Customize your packing list
  • Track your order history
  • Track delivery milestones