Choose the best delivery method

A range of domestic and international delivery options are available for more than 220 countries across the world. For any delivery option you choose, we will print and paste shipping labels for it. You can also add insurance for enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Pre-configure customs declaration

No more filling out customs forms – our shipping module pre-fills customs information by pulling data from your product catalog. You can review and change any information such as item description, declared Value and HS code before approving your order.

Customs Declaration
Automate your Order Preferences

You can set rules that automatically apply your Order preferences to every incoming order. This allows you to auto-approve your orders with your set preferences when you are not able to access the platform. You can go on holidays, but your business doesn’t have to.

View complete Order History

You can view your complete order history from the Orders page right from the minute an Order is created in our system. Order history helps you track of the life cycle of an order as it moves from pending, approval, fulfillment, shipping and all the way until delivery.

Track your orders with ease

EzyCommerce is tightly integrated with Singpost delivery solution API so that you can track the status of your order without leaving the platform. You can also configure email preferences to receive an email with the tracking number every time an Order is shipped out of our warehouse.

Know your estimated charges

Before you approve your orders, you can view an estimate of the handling and delivery charges for your order based on the options you have selected. No more bill surprises, what you see is what you get.

Get enhanced coverage for peace of mind

For higher value items, you can optionally choose to buy enhanced liability coverage for your orders for a small fee. On top of the free insurance coverage offered by some of our delivery products, you can buy enhanced coverage up to the declared value of the items.