Warehouse design

Our warehouses are super-efficient in storing and handling multiple product categories from different types of businesses. We will store your products in pallet racking, shelving or bins or a combination of these storage mediums depending upon your volumes. By allowing us to handle your Storage needs, you have the flexibility to scale your requirements as your business grows. We will do all the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to.

Receiving process

Our warehouse layout is optimized to ensure that your inventory is received fast and put away to Storage so that it’s ready for order fulfillment as soon as possible. Your storage charges start only from the time your product is received in the warehouse.

Inventory management

Managing inventory is a challenge, especially when you sell in multiple channels. EzyCommerce allows you to centralize your inventory for multiple channels and maintain correct inventory levels in every channel. You can see real-time inventory levels for each product as shipments and orders flow in and out of our warehouse.

Fully Variable Storage and Handling rates

Gone are the days of leasing a warehouse, hiring staff and setting up infrastructure all just to kick start your business. With ezyCommerce, you pay only for what you use. Our rate structure is fully transparent and variable, no strings attached. Check out our interactive pricing calculator here.

Pick and Pack

As soon as your orders are received in the warehouse, we will pick your products from the shelves, scan them for confirmation, enclose a packing list, pack them in one of our standard carton boxes, enclose customs declaration forms (for international orders) and paste shipping label. Your orders are then lodged with the transport carrier. As soon as your orders are lodged, you can track them online within the ezyCommerce platform.