Create orders quickly

Our flexible order management system allows you to create orders quickly or directly entering the information in the user interface. You can quickly search and add products to your order, see available inventory and add additional details such as what order id to display on the packing list.

Connect to Sales Channels

You can connect your sales channel (marketplaces such as eBay) directly to the ezyCommerce platform and import your orders directly. We are constantly adding new channels to make sure that wherever you sell, you can use ezyCommerce to import and process your orders.

Currently if you sell on eBay, you can use ezyCommerce as the fulfillment solution for your eBay orders. In order to do this, you need to add your eBay seller account on the ezyCommerce platform.
We can synchronize the following information with eBay –

  • Fulfillment Orders - Once you are connected, we will start polling eBay servers periodically to check for new orders under your account. All new and modified orders will be downloaded into your ezyCommerce account.
  • Order Status –When an order is shipped, status and tracking information is pushed to eBay.
Automate your order fulfillment

By using our highly flexible rules engine, you can automate your preferences which will run your business when you are out of reach; whether it be choosing what emails you want to receive, or pre-selecting insurance options for your orders, or tagging options by channel, just to name a few.

Upload Orders using spreadsheets

Selling in a website that’s not yet connected to ezyCommerce? No problem, you can bulk import up to 100 orders at once into ezyCommerce using spreadsheet template. What’s more, all your orders will be applied with your Preferences and you can also auto-approve orders once they are successfully uploaded. If any of the orders have problems, they will be moved into the Has Issues view where you can quickly edit and fix the problems