Create and manage Product catalog

Create one product at a time or bulk-upload from a file for hundreds of products. You can store different types of product identification information such as EAN, UPC, JAN Code or ISBN in addition to your own SKU naming system. Select multiple products at once and quickly perform an action such as creating a new shipment or an order.

Set inventory alert levels

No more stock outs or lost sales. Set inventory alert levels by product and receive notifications whenever a product falls below that stock level. You can also filter products that are below alert levels and instantly create a shipment to send to our warehouse.

Prepare and send shipments

Using the Inbound Shipment Creation Process Workflow, you can filter, search and add products when creating an inbound shipment. Our labeling engine instantly generates labels that you can download in pdf format in multiple configurations and paper sizes. Prepare your products, paste the labels, update your carrier information on the workflow and send us your shipment. If you are unable to paste the product labels before sending the shipment to us, we can perform this service upon receiving for a small fee.

Search products quickly

Quickly search and find products using the ezyCommerce Autosuggest feature. As you start typing, Autosuggest turns up all matching search results sorted by relevance. There is also a wealth of information inside each search result such as whether the Product is Active, is Exportable and all forms of product identification