Inventory Management Overview

This section covers sending products to ezyCommerce and moving it out of our warehouse.

Start by reading about our Product restriction to ensure that ezyCommerce fulfills your product category. Learn more about how to send your products safely and securely – Inbound Shipment .


2. What will happened to unfulfillable, damaged or quarantined inventory? Will you send it back to me?

We will place all your unfulfillable quanties separately and you can arrange a time to pick it up. In the future we will provide delivery solutions for the same

3. How can I retrieve my products back (from the warehouse)?

At present this is done offline. In the near future we will provide this facility to create a Removal inventory to get your unfulfillable & slow moving products out of the warehouse

4. Is there a Minimum storage space that I have to pay for every month?

No, you will be billed only for the space you use.

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