Receiving the items in a well-fashioned manner is critical as it impacts the warehouse activities and orders/shipment processing accuracy and time. ezyCommerce uses systematic, repetitive and scalable process to ensure high precision and efficiency. EZC has flexible solutions to inbound shipments according to the needs of the Merchant. By following this guide you will avoid any hiccup or additional charges in warehousing and ensure that the customers receive the right product at the right time.

Note on Imports
EZC takes in imports to be stored in our warehouses but EZC will not serve as importer of record. EZC is not responsible for any duties or taxes incurred. All imports should come with Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) and must have the regarding forms. Any inventory received without clearing any customs or taxes will be denied entry into the warehouse.

Note on Insurance
EZC provides insurance only during storage. This insurance covers for any damage, loss or theft. The insurance is based on the weight and is fixed at S$ 20/kg.

IMPORTANT: Failure to comply with EZC product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the quarantining or disposal of inventory at the EZC fulfillment center, blocking of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or charging for preparation or for noncompliance or for disposal at the fulfillment center.

Go through the checklist before you create your ASN (Advanced Shipment Notification) and sign off one by one before you ship it to the warehouse

Inbound Shipment Checklist

  • Create Shipment (ASN)
  • Choose who will label the products – You or Warehouse
  • Print Product labels if you wish to label
  • Ensure that the Product has an identifiable barcode either in the form of EAN/UPC or Merchant SKU if you want warehouse to label
  • Pack & Label your products based on the guidelines given in this guide
  • Print box labels and paste one each on your master cartons Master Cartons: Cartons that are visible from the outside
  • Lodge it with a carrier of your choice. Ensure that the Carton count, Product count that you send should match what is in ASN
  • Change your Shipment to In Transit in the ezyCommerce platform by providing the carrier and arrival details
  • Ensure that the Shipment you send must be free of custom duties, taxes and with correct Importer of Record and Tax ID Information

IMPORTANT: Warehouse will start processing the shipment only after they receive your complete shipment (determined by master carton count). Your Shipment will be updated in EZC once the warehouse receives and shelves all your products.