Please take note of the common errors that might happen during your preparation. Avoiding these errors will ensure optimized processing for your inventory. Any exception might incur additional charges and/or delays.

  • No product identification
  • ezy-SKU label not present
  • Excess units not in ASN
  • Products not in ASN
  • Carton quantity mismatch
  • Shipment not labelled
Note: Always ensure that you print the latest labels after you make any modification to your shipment.

Product Identification

There should be only one barcode each on every product. It can be in the form of ezy-SKU, Merchant SKU or Product ID depending on who labels the products.

You wish to label the products

All products must have the ezy-SKU label which can be printed from the platform after Shipment creation. Choose from a list of templates provided or choose the free size and resize it based on your needs. You will incur additional charges or delays if the products don’t have the ezy-SKU label.

Warehouse labels the products

All products should have an identifiable barcode either in the form of Merchant SKU or Product ID (EAN / ISBN / UPC / JAN). Ensure that these Product IDs are in ezyCommerce catalog for us to find a match. Product without an identifiable barcode will be side-lined / quarantined.

ASN (Advanced Shipment Notification)

The Shipment you send should match what is present in the ASN you created through the platform in terms of the number of products and their units, labelling, carton quantity etc.
Over receipt
The number of units provided in the ASN should match what you send to the warehouse. Any excess quantity will not be received with the ASN and will be side-lined. The excess units will not be reflected in the platform.

Product not in ASN

If your shipment contains a product that is not part of the ASN, warehouse will side-line the product. Side-lined products will not be received as part of the ASN and will not be updated in the platform.

Number of Cartons

Ensure that the number of cartons provided in the ASN matches what you send to the warehouse. Only provide those quantity that are visible from outside. Warehouse will not process your shipment until we receive all your cartons.

Box Label

Every carton must have only one Box label which is generated after the creation of a shipment. Ensure that you print the latest box label after you make changes to your ASN. Products from multiple Shipment ID must not be present in one carton. No product / item labels must be present on the carton.