This section provides information on everything you need to know before signing up for an account and getting started with ezyCommerce.

1. How do I register / sign up for ezyCommerce?

 You can register by clicking the Signup button and providing the required information for signup.

2. What Product categories are supported by ezyCommerce?

 We support handle the following product categories -

  • Electronics
  • Apparel
  • Baby
  • Toys
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Kitchen
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Shoes
  • Footwear
  • Beauty & Health
  • Travel
  • Accessories

If you are unsure about your product category, contact us to know if your products can be shipped using ezyCommerce.

3. What are the restricted Products that cannot be handled by ezyCommerce?

The following products are restricted in ezyCommerce. These products cannot be stored in our warehouses, received, handled or shipped out by the carrier.
Hazardous / Dangerous Products

  • Weapons (excluding toys) – Firearms and their separate parts, kits and ammunitions, Realistic Imitation Firearms, Air weapons, BB guns, spear guns, mace, explosives, crossbows, slingshots or catapults, weapons as defined by UK Criminal Justice Act 1988 (
  • Fireworks or other pyrotechnics.
  • knives or any form sharp objects that is meant/adapted for causing injury to persons excluding
    razor blades permanently enclosed in a cartridge or housing with less than 2mm of blade exposed
    unlockable folding blades of less than 3 inches knives along with forks and spoons as part of cutlery set electric carving knives
  • Any sharp product not packaged properly resulting in exposure of the sharp object anytime during fulfillment.
  • Is regulated as a dangerous good or hazardous material (HAZMAT) under any regulation

Medicine / Drugs

  • All forms of Medicine including veterinary medicine, AVM – GSL medicines (Authorised Veterinary Medicine – General Sales List), NFA – VPS medicines (Non-Food Animal – Veterinarian, Pharmacist, Suitably Qualified Person) and POM-V medicines (Prescription Only Medicines –Veterinarian).
  • Any product that required a health care provider’s prescription for purchase or can only be stored, sold or shipped by a licensed health care provider.
  • Is a prohibited drug including any product regulated by the UK Misuse of Drugs Act.

Prohibited under law
Elements of human body and medical implants

  • Parts made out of endangered species like elephant ivory, sea turtle shells, reptile skins, coral etc.
  • Sex and sensuality products, loose gemstones, Products with ingredients that are prohibited, restricted or regulated under applicable law and Products with offensive, violent, obscene or sexual content that is unlawful in the country sold.
  • Any product in possession without the consent of the trademark owner or sold without being an authorised seller by the manufacturer.
  • Any other product that is prohibited to be stored or sold in Singapore.

Gift cards, gift certificates and other stored value instruments.

  • Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, tobacco products.
  • Live animal, live plant, food items.
  • Precious metals like gold, silver etc.
  • Temperature sensitive products which has an allowed range other than 25°C – 30°
  • Two or more products that are sold as a set or combo or bundle. Note: Such products can still be sent separately and can exist as multiple units in an order.
  • Products that require assembling are not done in the fulfillment centre.
  • Fragile products unless they are sufficiently packed to withstand the transit and handling conditions.

Note: Products that have expiration date will not be monitored by us.
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  Max. Length of product should be less than 105cm. Longest side of the product is considered as length. For overall dimensions, Length + (2* Width) + (2* Height) should not exceed 200cm. If your products have irregular shape, the maximum dimensional cube around the product should be considered for measuring length, width and height. 

4. Can Fragile products be handled by ezyCommerce?

 We do not have special handling and packaging for Fragile products. All orders are packed into one of our standard size carton boxes. We do not insert fillers/air pouches for additional protection. If you product passes the standard 4-foot drop test (with product packaging), it can be handled by ezyCommerce.

5. Are there any other product requirements for ezyCommerce?

 All products need to be labelled with a unique ezy-SKU barcode label which can be easily generated from the platform once you add a product to the catalog. You can do this labeling yourself before sending products to the warehouse or the warehouse will label the products upon receiving your shipment.
If your products does not have any existing barcode, you need to label the products with ezy-SKU barcode before you send shipments to the warehouse.

6. How do I print ezy-SKU product barcodes?

 You can generate ezy-SKU labels from the ezyCommerce platform in multiple paper and size formats. If you require stationery, you can contact Client service. It’s easy to print on these labels, peel and stick them on the products before you ship the products to our warehouse.

7. How do I send shipments to ezyCommerce warehouse?

 You need to create Inbound shipment on the ezyCommerce platform with the following information -

  • What products are you shipping to the warehouse?
  • How many units of each product?
  • What is the expected shipping date and expected arrival date?
  • How are you shipping the products? Self-dropoff or using a transport carrier?

Once you create the shipment, you can print shipment labels and paste them on the cartons/pallets. Our warehouse will expect your shipment on the estimated arrival date.

8. Can i cancel or change an Inbound shipment after it is created?

 Yes you can change the contents of an Inbound shipment until the status of the shipment is changed to ‘In Transit’. 

9. What is the warehouse receiving process?

 Once your shipment is received by the warehouse, we open the outer packaging cartons, do a visual check (for damages), and count the number of units received for each product. If your complete shipment was not received in the same day, we will wait up to 48 hours to receive the rest of the shipment. Once the full shipment has been received, we will scan the items received, label them (optional) and put them away to Storage. As soon as shipment is closed, you can receive an email with the Inbound Shipment summary which will inform you about the products received and their condition. You can also view the complete shipment status online. 

10. How do you store my products in the ezyCommerce warehouse?

 We store your products in a very clean and secure environment. Our warehouse is equipped with multiple storage mediums – pallets, shelves, totes and bins. We store your products in the most optimal storage medium. ezyCommerce Warehouse Management System (WMS) is enterprise-grade, very advanced and is designed to handle the most complex multi-client storage and distribution environments.

11. How do I create orders in ezyCommerce?

 There are many ways to create orders.
Manually by entering the information in the user interface Upload multiple orders at once using spreadsheet template Add connected channels/marketplaces to automatically import orders
 Yes you can ship international orders using ezyCommerce.

12. What are the available order shipping options in ezyCommerce?

 The following delivery options are available under ezyCommerce -

  • Domestic Standard
  • Domestic Economy
  • International Priority
  • International Standard
  • International Economy

13. What are the shipping charges for orders delivered using ezyCommerce?

 The following delivery options are available under ezyCommerce -
ezyCommerce offers multiple delivery options for Domestic and International orders -

  • Domestic Economy rates start from SGD 3.94 per order
  • Domestic Standard rates start from SGD 4.99 per order
  • International delivery has Economy, Standard and Priority options to more than 220 countries. Rates vary by weight and destination and starts from SGD 7.95 per order.

14. Does delivery rates vary by weight?

Yes delivery rates vary by weight of packaged shipment.

15. What are the delivery lead times for orders shipped using ezyCommerce?

Delivery lead time varies based on the delivery option selected for your order. For Domestic Standard, lead time is 1-2 days. For Domestic Standard, lead time is 2-3 days. For International delivereies, lead time varies by destination and delivery method chosen. You will be able to see the lead time when you select a delivery option for your order.

16. Can I see the delivery charges before I place an order in ezyCommerce?

Yes, when you create an order, ezyCommerce shows you all available delivery options for the order together with estimated lead time and estimated delivery charges. You can choose your preferred delivery option for the order.

17. Where is the ezyCommerce warehouse located in Singapore?

Currently, we have one warehouse located at Defu lane. It caters to both regional and international market 

18. Can I visit the ezyCommerce warehouse for inspecting the operations?

Due to the multi-client nature of our warehouse, we are not able to allow visitors for inspecting the operations. If you have any questions about our Storage, pick and pack processes, you can read about it in the detailed help content or contact Client Service if you have specific questions.  

17. What marketplaces is ezyCommerce currently integrated to?

Currently, ezyCommerce is integrated to eBay for importing Orders directly from eBay. We have the following marketplace integrations in the pipeline – Shipify, Rakuten and Amazon. This may be prioritized and more marketplaces may be added based on demand. If you are currently selling in a marketplace that ezyCommerce is not integrated to, you can still bulk-import orders into ezyCommerce using simple spreadsheets. 

19. What information is synchronized with eBay?

With ezyCommerce, you can sell on eBay and use ezyCommerce as the fulfillment solution for your eBay orders. In order to do this, you need to add your eBay seller account on the ezyCommerce platform.
We can synchronize the following information with eBay –

  • Fulfillment Orders – Once you are connected, we will start polling eBay servers periodically to check for new orders under your account. All new and modified orders will be downloaded into your ezyCommerce account.
  • Order Status – When an order is shipped, status and tracking information is pushed to eBay.

20. How is customs declaration done for International orders?

We will print and enclose the CN22/CN23 forms for customs declaration which will serve as the commercial invoice for customs declaration. You can view and edit these declarations before you approve the order for fulfillment.

21. What else is enclosed in the order that goes to the csutomer?

You can customize the packing slip that is sent to your customer by adding your company name and any other note to your customer

22. Can I customize my order?

You can customize the packing slip that is sent to your customer by adding your company name and any other note to your customer

23. How often am I charged for using ezyCommerce?

You will receive a monthly invoice for all services provided using ezyCommerce. Our billing cycle is 26th to 25th of every month. 

24. Can I see the breakdown of my monthly charges?

 Yes you can see the detailed breakdown of the invoice charges using the Statement report and the Transaction report that can be generated from ezyCommerce. 

25. How do I pay my monthly bills ?

You can pay by transferring money directly from your bank account  / issuing a Cheque / Demand draft.

26. Do you have a calculator to find estimated charges?

 The pricing calculator is available on the website as well as inside the platform (Under My Account > Billing > Calculator. 

27. I do not have a registered company in Singapore. Can I signup for ezyCommerce?

Currently, all signups need to provide UEN/GSTN to sign up for ezyCommerce. We may verify the details you provide during signup. 

28. What information do I need to signup?

Please have the following information ready before you begin the signup process.
A valid email that you have access to
Your registered company name and address
Your Company registration identification (UEN/GSTN)
A valid contact number that will allow us to reach you during the registration process

29. Is there a contract period I need to agree to?

No, there is no fixed contract period. You can use the platform as long as you like. 

30. Is there a setup fee or deposit? Refundable?

There is no setup fees or deposit for ezyCommerce.

31. Do I have to maintain a minimum orders/month?

There are no minimum number of orders/month required to use ezyCommerce 

33. Will you provide inventory management?

Yes, we automatically sync inventory across all channels & stores

34. Can I use across all platforms (mobile, tablets etc.)

Yes, ezyCommerce platform is mobile-responsive.