Ecommerce landscape is highly competitive. Business sustainability now depends on how you are able to leverage on customer data. Understand that data analytics plays an integral part in your business performce, ezyCommerce provides you with Dashboard which you can use to not only keep track of your business performance but also to come up with different metrics for future strategies.

ezyCommerce Dashboard

Understanding ezyCommerce Dashboard

business dashboard

Making sense of Dashboard statistics

  • Managing key sales data

  • The Dashboard that landed upon you logging in our platform provides a quick visual overview of your entire ecommerce business. This is where you can view different statistics relating to various aspects of your business, for example, sales, top popular products.
    By default, the Dashboard would show your sales statistics for the last 30 days, but you can choose other time frame by simply clicking on the different time periods available on the top bar.

    business dashboard

    Upon setting your preferred time frame, you will able see key sales data relating to Orders. These metrics will give you an overview of your business performance.

    The graph illustrates your order volume throughout a particular time period. You will be able to determine sales trend and when you receive most and least orders. By observing, high and low sale days you can devise appropriate strategies. For example, for days with low volume, you might create a promotion to boost sales. Observing sales trends overtime will give you a better understanding of customer buying patterns.

    Getting an overview of total orders and products sold in a certain allows you to plan your optimal inventory should be in storage more efficiently and accurately .

  • Tracking your top sellers

  • business dashboard

    With a clear insight of your product popularity, you can smartly use those best-sellers to increase sales. These top sellers can be your product recommendations for customers who first buy from you. Alternatively, you can bundle these top-sellers with new or less popular products to raise order volume.

  • Understanding order details

  • Understanding orders details is essential to your business. Metric such as Average orders per day and Average order value will give you insights into customers’ buying power for a certain period. Accompanied with Delivery Pie chart, you can determine preferred delivery methods given how much they are willing to spend.


  • Identifying your order sources and destinations

  • As you grow, it’s imperative to take into considerations your orders sources in terms of sales channels and destination countries. The two pie charts will provide information on which channels that help you gain most traffic and the percentage of domestic and international orders you receive.

    Based on the number of orders you have from certain countries, you will be able formulate the most viable strategy for each market. For instance, if you sell mostly to Australia, for your next promotion, you can offer “Free delivery” to Australia and observe how orders volume change and test customers interest in your products.