What you need to do

The process below summarizes the simple steps that you will have to go through to come on board with us. Click on each button for more details

To get started with us, you only need to go through a very simple process

Sign up

Once you are assured that we are the best fit to your business, sign up for an ezyCommerce account by clicking on the SignUp button from https://sg.ezycommerce.com/signup/.

Please have the following information ready before you begin –

  • A valid email address. This will be your username to our platform.
  • Your registered company name and address.
  • Your company registration identification (UEN / GSTN)
  • A valid contact number that will allow us to reach you during the registration process

Set up product catalog

The first thing you have to do once log in is to create a product catalog which will provide relevant information for us to keep track of your inventory. Each product will have its own Merchant SKU, a unique identifier for the product, assigned by the merchant.

Details step by step to set up product catalog can be found here

Create inbound shipment

You can simply create a shipment notification on our platform by filling a simple form or upload a xls file. Inbound shipment can be sent to our warehouse by you or your assigned 3PL. Once we receive your shipment, inventory level will be reflected onto our platform under Products under different categories such as Fulfillable and Damaged (items). This way you can efficiently manage your inventory anywhere anytime.

Details step by step to create inbound shipment can be found here

Create and Approve orders

Once customers order from you, orders can be manually created or file-uploaded. You can also connect your marketplace/website with your ezyCommerce account to have orders automatically updated from these sales channels. To approve orders for fulfillment, you can click on the tick icon or set an auto-approval mode.

Details step by step to create and approve orders can be found here