Setting up your ezyCommerce Account

Once you are assured that we are the best fit to your business, sign up for an ezyCommerce account by clicking on the SignUp button from

Please have the following information ready before you begin-

  • A valid email address. This will be your username to our platform.
  • Your registered company name and address
  • Your company registration identification (UEN / GSTN)
  • A valid contact number that will allow us to reach you during the registration process
Account Configuration

The My Account section allows you to update your contact information, connect to sales channel, create sub-users, view monthly statement, setup preferences and download Reports.

  • Click on My Account from the top bar
  • Navigate to Order preferences using the left sidebar
  •  Choose delivery option, insurance (EL) and customs declaration. This will be applied when you upload orders using spreadsheet
  • Navigate to the Email preferences. Some emails are chosen by default for you.
  • Navigate to the Other preferences. Customize your delivery by choosing what goes on the packing slip. You can download a sample to view how it will be printed.
Setting up Product Catalog

Once your account has been approved, you can plunge directly into the platform. The first step is to setup your master product catalog either through manually or by bulk uploading a spreadsheet.

  1. Click on Upload File from the Products page. Download the xls template
  2. Read through the Guide sheet
  3. Choose an unique Merchant SKU for every product and fill their attributes in the Template sheet and upload the file
  4. You will be notified via notifications/email once the upload process is complete. You will get a validation report highlighting the errors if any
  5. You can resolve those errors and upload the same file again

Read our detailed guide on setting up product catalog here.

Creating Inbound Shipment

After you have successfully created the Products, the next step is to send them to our warehouse. Read through our Product Restriction to find out whether your product is fulfilled under EZC program.

  1. Click on Upload File from the Shipments page. Download the xls template
  2. Read through the Guide sheet
  3. Add products to the shipment by either providing the Merchant SKU or system generated ezy-SKU in the Template sheet.
  4. Choose who will label the products (All products should have an identifiable barcode) and upload the file
  5. You will be notified via notifications/email once the upload process is complete. You will get a validation report highlighting the errors if any
  6. You can resolve those errors and upload the same file again
Inbound Shipment Checklist
  • Create Shipment (ASN)
  • Choose who will label the products – You or Warehouse. Print Product labels if you wish to label
  • Ensure that the Product has an identifiable barcode either in the form of EAN/UPC or Merchant SKU if you want warehouse to label
  • Pack & Label your products based on the guidelines given in help guide
  • Print box labels and paste one each on your master cartons Master Cartons: Cartons that are visible from the outside
  • Lodge it with a carrier of your choice. Ensure that the Carton count, Product count that you send should match what is in ASN
  • Change your Shipment to In Transit in the ezyCommerce platform by providing the carrier and arrival details
  • Ensure that the Shipment you send must be free of custom duties, taxes and with correct Importer of Record and Tax ID Information and arrives at the warehouse at pre-scheduled date
Packing your products

Every unit must be packed separately and must contain only one label for that unit. Certain Product categories require special packing specifications in order to withstand the warehouse handling and protect them from dusts during their shelf life.

All products must pass the standard drop test. Read up on the detailed packaging guide for different product categories.

Print product labels

All products should have the ezy-SKU label. You can opt for warehouse to label ezy-SKU but the products should have at least one barcode in the form of Merchant SKU or Product ID (EAN/ISBN UPC/JAN). Ensure that this identifier is present in your product attributes.
If you wish warehouse to label your products, you can download ezy-SKU labels from EZC. Product labels will be available for printing in the Send Shipment if you chose to label.

You can access the Send Shipment page –

  1. After the creation of shipment when using manual shipment creation
  2. If you have uploaded the shipment you can search for your shipment and click on Edit
  3. Choose from one of the available label templates and proceed to download the PDF.12324
Labeling your products

All products should have only one ezy-SKU label. Choose the label template based on your product size. Contact Client Service for the self-adhesive quick peel labels. You can also buy this from nearby convenience store or order online.

  • Place your labels on top of any existing barcode
  • If there are multiple barcodes present make sure to cover them before placing the ezy-SKU
  • If possible use a RF scanner to make sure that the product is scannable

Read the detailed guide on labeling to know more about label sizes and printing guidelines. If you don’t want to label yourself, you can choose warehouse to label.

Preparing your cartons

Please provide the correct carton quantity (only those visible from outside) in the Send Shipment page as warehouse will count cartons upon arrival. Receiving process will begin only if all cartons have been received.

  • All cartons should pass the standard drop test.
  • Each box must contain only one box label. The cartons must not contain any Product labels Please remove any previous labels to avoid confusion in the fulfillment centre.
  • Shrink wraps for multiple cartons is not allowed. Every carton should be separate and not bundled together.
  • All cartons should be sealed using sealed tapes.

Please read our packaging guide for carton specification and box guidelines.

Common errors

Please take note of the common errors that might happen during your shipment preparation. Avoiding these errors will ensure optimized processing for your inventory.

  • Product identification
  • ezy-SKU label not present
  • Excess units not in ASN
  • Products not in ASN
  • Carton quantity mismatch
  • Shipment not labelled

Read the common errors help page for detailed explanation on the errors to avoid.

Sending to warehouse

Once your products and cartons are setup you can use a carrier of your choice to send your inventory to us.

  1. Go to the Send Shipment page.
  2. Provide Carrier Name, Ship &Arrival Date and the carton quantity.
  3. Change the status to In Transit.

Please allow 1-3 days after your shipment is delivered for your inventory to be updated.

Shipment Receipt

Properly packed and labelled products will be ready for fulfillment within 72 hours upon receiving. See Warehouse SLA for more details.

  1. The Shipment is moved to Received status once all products in the shipment are received in the warehouse.
  2. You can view the receipt by clicking on the view icon against that shipment from the Shipment Received landing page.
  3. Received, Fulfillable, damaged and label quantity will be updated for every product. Products will be highlighted if they have any discrepancy.

The warehouse measures the actual dimension and weight of the products when it arrives for the first time and updates them in the platform. The update process usually takes a day and a summary of the update is sent to your registered email.

Order Fulfillment

Your products are ready for fulfillment once your shipment is Received. You can either manual create orders one by one or bulk upload using a spreadsheet.

  1. Click on Upload File from the Orders page. Download the xls template
  2. Read through the Guide sheet
  3. Add products to the orders by either providing the Merchant SKU or system generated ezy- SKU in the Template sheet. You can skip order header details like customer address for subsequent order lines (when there are multiple products)
  4. Choose whether you want the orders to be automatically approved for fulfillment after upload. If not, you can view the orders after upload and approve them.
  5. You will be notified via notifications/email once the upload process is complete. You will get a validation report highlighting the errors if any
  6. You can resolve those errors and upload the same file
  7. If an order has any issues like insufficient inventory it will be placed under Has Issues order status. You can open that order to view the list of all issues and resolve them.

Read the section on Delivery Products to know the service levels, lead time and cost.


Order Process Flow

Once an order has been approved, you can track the status as it moves through different stages of fulfillment.

  1. The order is moved to In Process status waiting for admin approval
  2. Once manager approves the order is moved to Fulfillment status and sent to warehouse for fulfillment
  3. Once the pick and pack process is complete, warehouse generates the shipping label based on the delivery option chosen. The tracking number is generated and the order is moved to Shipped status.
  4. You can track the order shipment from the order details page by clicking on the tracking number
  5. The Order is moved to Delivered status once it has been delivered by the carrier.

You can keep track of the order status by viewing the order history at the bottom of the view order page.

Billing & Invoicing

The Monthly Statement is generated on the 28th of every month. Billing cycle followed is 26th – 25th. The official invoice will be mailed to you separately. The charges are broken down into –

  • Storage Charges – Inventory stored in warehouse
  • Handling Charges – Receiving and Order Processing
  • Delivery Charges – Domestic and International
  • Subscription Charges – Monthly Platform Subscription
  • Adjustments – Other charges / rebates / discounts

For detailed information on every transaction, download the transaction report under My Account.


You can pay using bank-to-bank transfer / issuing a Cheque / Demand draft.

The payment instructions will be provided in the invoice.

Payments made after 20th will not be reflected in that billing cycle. You can still view these in Billing summary under Payments / Adjustments section


The analytics is provided in two forms Inbound Shipment Dashboard and Reports. Reports can be accessed from the My Account section. They provide comprehensive detail to every entry/transaction made.

Dashboard provides insights on your business and gives you meaningful data in the form of quick looks stats, graphs, maps and pie-charts. The stats can be broadly categorized into –

  • Sales related
  • Fulfillment related
  • Product related
  • Delivery delated

Choose a date range to filter sales between that period.


Alerts are provided in two forms – Emails & Notifications


You will be notified of actions happening in the background in real time via notifications. You will be notified if an order has issues and requires your attention, order is imported from a sales channel, upload process is complete etc.



Emails can be configured under My Account > Email Preferences. To help you get started we have chosen a few by default. You can also choose the frequency at which you receive emails


The fastest way to address your queries is by creating a ticket through the platform

To create a ticket

  1. Click on Support from top menu bar
  2. Enter a relevant Subject.
  3. Choose the right Category and Sub-categories. This will help us in addressing the query faster. If you are unsure you can choose Others for all
  4. Add Attachments if you have any like in the case of Upload error report
  5. If you are seeing any error messages or would like to share your screen like Order ID, SKU details click on Capture Screen while you are on that screen.
  6. You can freely navigate to other pages when Support is open
  7. Click on Submit


You can access the help section using our integrated search bar.Type a keyword/question and press enter. We have also provided with a list of suggested help topics.

Contact Us

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