ezyCommerce Inventory Damage / Loss Reimbursement

It is very important that you understand ezyCommerce reimbursement policy for inventory lost or damaged while it is in control /possession of ezyCommerce (when products are being received/stored/packed).
We follow a strict inventory control policy and conduct regular cycle counts to ensure inventory accuracy. However, in the worst case when inventory gets damaged / lost, we have set clear guidelines on how you can expect to get reimbursed from ezyCommerce.

Initiating a lost / damage claim process

  • Merchant can initiate a lost / damage claim process if you notice Fulfillable inventory that you believe is wrong
  • ezyCommerce will initiate a lost / damage claim process if we notice damaged / missing items in the warehouse

This reimbursement policy is valid for products that are -

  • damaged while in the ezyCommerce warehouse(s)
  • damaged after Inbound receiving is complete and before Outbound shipping is complete
  • lost while in the ezyCommerce warehouse(s) for 30 consecutive days

This reimbursement policy is not valid for products that are

  • damaged / lost after products are shipped out of the warehouse. E.g.: while in transit
  • damaged / lost when shipping products into the ezyCommerce warehouse i.e.: Inbound
  • restricted for Storage and handling under ezyCommerce
  • defective
  • damaged due to improper packaging at the time of receiving the shipment
  • damaged due to not following our inbound shipment packaging guidelines

Please note all lost / damaged claims are primarily for products that have inventory under Fulfillable status. Most of our delivery products have free coverage up to a certain value beyond which you need to buy Enhanced Liability (EL) for extended coverage. For the sake of clarity, this reimbursement policy becomes invalid from the time that your order status changes to Shipped.

For inventory lost / damaged while it is ezyCommerce warehouse, we will:

  • Reimburse the guideline value of the inventory in question, without any handling, order processing and shipping fees.

Claim Process

Once a lost claim is initiated by the Merchant, we will conduct a preliminary analysis before accepting the claim. Once the claim has been accepted, the Merchant will be notified by email.
For lost claims –

  • We will conduct the investigation for a maximum of 30 days before declaring the items as lost and processing the reimbursement.
  • If an item that has been declared as lost is subsequently found, we will reverse the reimbursement that was granted for your account.

For damaged claims –

  • We will start the reimbursement process once the item has been ascertained as damaged.

    We reserve the right to reject claims which are submitted too early / too late without proper reconciliation conducted by the Merchant.

    Before initiating a lost/damage claim, the Merchant should use the available tools such as Product Stock Movement History, Orders reports to conduct a reconciliation. We might request for these reconciliation reports before accepting the lost / damage claim. Merchants can still initiate a claim if they are not able to arrive at a decision after the reconciliation process. Please make sure items are reconciled across all inventory buckets, such as Fulfillable, Damaged and Missing. If a Merchant initiates a missing claim, we will move the inventory in question to the Missing bucket from the Fulfillable bucket until the claim processing is complete. If we decide to reimburse the item, the item will be released from the missing inventory bucket.

    Accepting the lost / damage claim does not mean that the claim will be reimbursed. It means that ezyCommerce will start the internal process to look into the details of the claim before making a decision on the reimbursement.

    Guideline value

    We reserve the right to make the final decision in estimating a product’s guideline value, If we are not able to establish the guideline value for a product, we will use the below table to assess the guideline value by product category. Merchants should not expect to be reimbursed based on any other product information they entered at the time of creating the product – such as cost price, retail price or declared value.

    The maximum guideline value for a product shall not be more than S$500. The reimbursement value will be the lower of the product value or the guideline value. All claims should be lodged by the Merchant should be initiated within 3 months of when the product in question was last shipped out

    Guideline Value by Product Category

    Electronics $100
    Apparel $40
    Baby $30
    Toys $50
    Home & LifeStyle $80
    Kitchen $60
    Sports $40
    Fashion $60
    Shoes $50
    Footwear $30
    Beauty & Health $20
    Travel $60
    Accessories $30
    Other Case-by-case