Inventory Management FAQ

We will place all damaged and quarantined inventory separately. If you wish to remove fulfillable or damaged inventory from our warehouse, please create a removal order on our platform and we will notify you via email once our warehouse has processed your request. Please arrange for pick up of damaged and quarantined products. We will provide delivery solutions in the future.

Inventory removal also known as Removal Order, is an Order placed to remove your inventory from the warehouse for a variety of reasons – collecting your quarantined or damaged inventory, removing discontinued or slow moving products.

After your removal order is approved, warehouse will keep it ready for pickup and the status will change to Processed. Currently we don’t provide delivery for removals. If you want it to be delivered to your address please use the normal order workflow.
You are referring to our Inventory Removal for more details.

Removals are charged at $0.50 per unit and will be packed in master cartons for collection. No additional handling process

No, you will only be billed for the space you use. For storage space charges, we will take a snapshot of the products stored in warehouse is taken. This gives the volume occupied on each day of the month. Billing will be based on average over the month

Yes, you can create an alert level value during product creation. You will be sent an email notification when the stock hits this value.

Box label in 3 sizes :
3.33” x 4” on US Letter – Avery 5164, 3.66” x 3.9” – Avery J8166 and 6” x 4” 1 label on plain paper.
Product label in 5 sizes :
21.22mm x 45.7mm on A4 – Avery 6102, 25.44mm x 66.6mm on US Letter – Avery 5160, 29.6mm x 63.5mm on A4 – Avery 6104, 38.1mm x 63.5mm on A4 – Avery J8160 and 21.2mm x 45.77mm – 1 label on plain paper.
You can choose depending on the product/carton size

Warehouse needs a barcode for every product in order to identify it. If your product does not come with an EAN/UPC barcode, warehouse will label it with EZY-SKU upon receipt of products. This will incur additional charges.

If you wish to label, you could download the EZY-SKU labels which is available after shipment creation. EZY-SKU is auto generated when product is created on the platform with merchant SKU.

All products must be packed or come with manufacturer packing to ensure that the customers receive them at factory-state. Every unit must be packed separately and must contain only one label for that unit. Certain Product categories require special packing specifications in order to withstand the warehouse handling and protect them from dusts during their shelf life. Displayable products need to be packed with a clear plastic bag. Products sensitive to moisture should include silica gel pack. For “Specific packing guidelines”, Please refer to

Returned items will be sent to you so there would be no restocking

We do accept food products with at least 1 year shelf life, subjected to our approval. We do not accept fresh food products to be stored. Please contact with your product details for us to advise further.

Yes. We charge based on the container size. The Shipment should come in cartons either in loose or placed on pallets.

20’ ft Container – SGD 230
40’ ft Container – SGD 400