ezyCommerce provides detailed guidelines on how to pack your products and cartons when sending your inventory to our warehouse to avoid any unnecessary cost and damage. Following these best practices will ensure that your products reach our warehouse safely and securely.
If your products are directly sent to our warehouses from your supplier, ensure that your suppliers follow these guidelines. All packaging materials can be bought from our Omigo store.

Product Packaging

Please read the Product Restriction to ensure that your product is eligible for fulfillment.

All products must be packed or come with manufacturer packing to ensure that the customers receive them at factory-state. Every unit must be packed separately and must contain only one label for that unit. Certain Product categories require special packing specifications in order to withstand the warehouse handling and protect them from dusts during their shelf life. Displayable products need to be packed with a clear plastic bag. Products sensitive to moisture should include silica gel pack.

Specific packing guidelines

  • Liquid products should come with a sealed screw cap and must be boxed/ wrapped in a polybag/bubble wrapped along with dunnage. Liquids that weigh more than 1.5 kg should be both sealed and packed in a corrugated box.
    Note: Operating temperature range of the warehouse is 25°C – 30°C. The product should not show any signs of leaking.
  • Sharp objects should be packed in such a way that it is not exposed during any part of the fulfillment process. The unit must be either boxed/blister packed securely and at no point the sharp object should be able to cut through the packaging.
  • Fragile products must be securely boxed or bubble wrapped. The whole package must pass the Standard drop test as illustrated in Standard Drop Test.
  • Baby products with poly bags must come with a suffocation warning.
    Note: Each unit must be packed separately and should not protrude more than 3 inches past the original dimension of the product when packed with bags and wraps.
  • All apparels, fabrics and textiles should be placed in a sealed poly bag or shrink wrapped or boxed. The poly bags used must be clear / transparent and must come with a suffocation warning.
    Note: Each unit must be packed separately and should not protrude more than 3 inches past the original dimension of the product when packed with bags and wraps. Hangars are not allowed with clothing.
  • Small Products must have their barcode on their packing bags so as to be scannable by barcode without the label wrapping over the edges of the product. See labelling guide for detailed information
  • Powdered products must be poly bagged even if they are packed by manufacturer. The bag should display the suffocation warning like other.
  • Adult products which have nudity, obscene language or adult content should be poly bagged in black or opaque material. Products that resemble human body parts need to follow the above packing procedure. The label should be present on the bag. Products which have only descriptive text with no profanity or obscene content or with no nudity need not follow the above packing procedure.

General guidelines

  • All plastic bags must be clear / transparent and come with a suffocation warning sign or label. Plastic bags must not be black or opaque.
  • Any pre-packaged product susceptible to dust or tearing must be bagged or boxed appropriately (like products in fabric-like pouches).
  • All packages should be capable of passing the ISTA drop test as illustrated in Standard Drop Test.
  • The bags used for packing should be slightly larger than product size. Forcing a product inside a smaller bag can cause tearing or breaking during inbound shipment or stocking or orders processing.

Standard Drop Test

The test is based off of ISTA (International Safe Transit Association). The height at which the product must be dropped can be found from the table below –

Package weight (kg) Drop height (cm)
1- 9.9 75
10 - 19.9 65
20 - 30 45

The package must be LET GO (free fall) from the pre-determined height onto a hard flat surface. DO NOT THROW. Five drops must be performed in any order

  • On a Corner
  • Flat on Base
  • Flat on Top
  • Flat on longest side
  • Flat on shortest side


After performing all the five drop tests,

  • The package is acceptable if all the contents of the package have suffered no damage and the packing is intact without any breakage. Also there should be no safety or functionality issues with the product.
  • The package is not acceptable if the content is damaged or safety issues like sharp objects being exposed after the fall. It is also unacceptable in case of the packing material alone is damaged and the product is safe

Box Packing
Master cartons and cartons help protect the products during transit. EZC wishes to incorporate some best practices to avoid transportation or handling errors and damage. This also accelerates the warehousing processes like labeling and stocking

Carton Specification

  • All cartons should be single-wall corrugated and double-wall corrugated if the gross weight is more than 10 kg.
  • All cartons must have a minimum rating of 200 lb/in2 in Mullen’s Burst test1 or a TAPPI/ANSI T810 rating of 1380 kPa and an Edge Crush Test (ECT)2 rating of 32 lb/in or a TAPPI/ANSI T811 rating of 5.6 kNm.
  • Dimension – Carton sizes should not exceed 25” (63.5 cm) on any side.
  • Weight – Gross weight of each carton should not exceed 30 kg
  • Any deviation from the standard specification requires prior approval. Please contact Client Service for further enquiry.
  • Sealing – Only sealing tapes must be used to seal the carton. Strapping or staples are not allowed. Recommended size for sealing tape is 3” (7.6 cm).

Mullen burst test measures the pressure required to puncture a corrugated board. It gives an estimate of the container’s ability to withstand during handling.

ECT measures the compression strength of the container. It gives an estimate of the container’s ability to withstand the pressure during stacking

Box Guidelines

  • Each box must contain only one Shipment ID. The cartons must not contain any Product labels. There must be only one label / barcode. Please remove any previous labels to avoid confusion in the fulfillment centre.
  • Shrink wraps can be used for multiple cartons is not allowed. Every carton / box should be separate and not bundled together.
  • Each and every carton must pass the Standard drop test to ensure that the contents remain safe during transit and handling.