ezyCommerce understands that the increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape requires you to resort to effective and affordable strategies to create the best customer experience and raise brand loyalty. Outbound order is the last touch point of customer online buying cycle, hence it is imperative to leave a good impression so as to increase chances of customers re-visit your store.

With ezyCommerce, you are able to customize your outbound orders by customizing your packing slip.

Click here to learn to how to access the Packing Slip on your account.You are able to set preference for the Header and Footer of the Packing Slip

  • Header is usually your store name, slogan or any information that differentiates you from your competitors so you want your customers to remember and recall about you. Some interesting saying or your value propositions are highly recommended as well. A few examples are
    • - ABC Fashion. Bring out the inner and outer beauty in you
    • - TheSHOEstore – We treasure your feet comfort and style
    • - GoGreenStore – Eat green- Live green- like you have never been


  • Footer is usually your thank-you and other messages that include a follow-up course of action. A few suggestions are:
    • - Thank you for shopping with us. We hope you enjoy your purchases. Follow us on instagram @ABCFashion to get the latest collection update.
    • - We appreciate your recent order with us. We are launching a new store on Ebay with 10% off for the first 100 orders.