1. Order Specification

The information provided must be precise in order to avoid unwarranted delays in delivery which ends with angry customers. Even though certain customs information are not mandatory, it is highly recommended to provide all details as it can expedite the process greatly. EZF follows a unique and simple format for creating Orders and performs validations at various levels to ensure everything is in order. This guide is also present in file upload templates to help you with the filling process.

1.1. Order creation step 1

Manual creation1
  1. Merchant Order ID - A unique identifier for the order, assigned by the merchant.
  2. Ship To Address - – The address of the end customer. The country chosen here will determine whether it is domestic or international order.
  3. Add product - You can easily search for the item by keying in a few first letter. Click on the product to choose.
  4. Product - Add in Number of units. Click X to remove.

  1. Displayable Order ID/date – The Order ID and date to displayed on the label
  2. Process Order Date -Your Order will not be sent for fulfillment before this date. If the Process Order Date is today then it will be sent immediately after approval. The date cannot be more than one week in advance.
  3. Save as draft – Save order as draft. Aftert this step, order would be listed under Others/Drafts.
  4. Additional information – Click + to add up to 12 additional fields can be added. This is only for your reference. Can be used to add tags etc.

1.2. Order creation step 2

Apart from the summary section which shows the summary of Step 1 there is – Enhanced liability, Customs Declaration (only for international) and Shipping method section.

1.2.1. Enhanced Liability (optional)

Manual creation1

Check whether you want to add Enhanced Liability (insurance) to your order. For more information, click on the question mark. The Declared value by default is same as Retail value but can be edited. The Enhanced liability amount must not exceed the Declared value.

1.2.2. Shipping Method

The Shipping options are determined by the Country selected in step 1.

Only one option can be chosen. The Estimated cost is for the total shipment selected in step 1. For more information, click on the question mark. The summary of the Shipping information is shown in a separate section. The Total Estimated Delivery Charges is the sum of shipping charges and enhanced liability. All fees are estimated, the accurate costs are reflected only in the invoice.

1.2.3. Customs Declaration

  1. Category of Shipment – Choose from a list of options – Merchandise, Sample or Others.
  2. Non-delivery instructions – Choose whether to Treat as Abandoned (dispose the order) or Return to Merchant

Manual creation1
  1. Customs item Description – A brief/high level description of the product
  2. HTS/HS Code - Also know as HS Code, 6 digit numeric tariff code. It is not mandatory for customs but is highly recommended as it expedites the customs process. You can find the complete list here.
  3. Declared value of all units (SGD) – Total value of all units of the Product (e.g. Unit Price is $100 and the Quantity is 2 then the Total Value is $200)
  4. Origin Country – Country of Origin of Product

1.3 Processed orders


Tracking number will only updated once order status changed to Shipped. Please note that you will not able to get the tracking number right after creating orders.