1) Pending

a. Has issues

Has issues orders have one or more problems that need your attention before they can be approved. All orders with are listed in the platform. Issued orders can be because of missing or invalid inputs, unidentified products or insufficient inventory for products in the order. Inventory will not be reserved for products inside these orders until they are approved.

Issued orders can be edited so that they would be qualified for fulfillment.

b. Unapproved

Unapproved orders are awaiting your approval before they can be processed and fulfilled. Inventory will not be reserved for products inside these orders until they are approved.

Click on the pencil icon to edit and approve order so that order is ready for fulfillment. Once order is approved, it would be listed under “In Process”

2) Approved

a. In Process

“In Process” orders have been approved by you earlier and can no longer be edited. These orders are being processed in our system and waiting for fulfillment. To make any last-minute changes or to cancel order, please contact our customer service team at support@ezycommerce.com we will check with the warehouse of the order process. If order is already shipped out, charges is still incurred.

b. Fulfillment

Fulfillment orders have been sent to the warehouse and are being picked and packed for your customers. A packing list will be enclosed in every order with the date, order id, header and footer message as provided. Refer to the order history at the bottom for detailed tracking milestones.

c. Shipped

Shipped orders have been dispatched from our warehouse using the delivery method selected by you. You can find the tracking number under the Order specification. Refer to the Order History for detailed tracking milestones. Some delivery methods may not provide detailed tracking information.

d. Delivered

Delivered orders are orders that have been successfully received by your customers.

3) Return to sender (RTS)

RTS (Returned to Sender) are orders that never reached your customer and have been returned to the warehouse. A physical check for package level damages is done and put away for fulfillment.

4) Drafts

Draft orders are orders saved by you upon creating. Click the Edit icon to continue to edit, create and approve the order. Inventory will not be reserved for products added inside draft orders.

5) Cancelled

All cancelled orders are listed here for your reference..