Pricing Calculator – see your estimated charges based on monthly volumes
How to use the Pricing Calculator –

The Pricing calculator is designed to give you a rough estimate of your monthly charges when using our service based on your business profile. There are 3 main charges: Handling, Delivery and Storage.

    • Step 1 : To calculate your estimated Handling Charges, use the slider to set your expected Number of orders per month, Average number of units in an order you expect to have.
      • Handling cost is calculated by adding the order process cost ($2.70) and the number of units in the order times unit handling cost ($1.20).
      • Under Summary of Charges, you will be able to view the estimated Handling Charge per month and per order and details on how these charges are calculated.
    • Step 2 :Next, to find out your Delivery charges, use the slider to set the Average weight of an order.Under Summary of charges, navigate the Delivery Charges box, then choose delivery option (Domestic/International). For international delivery, choose the country destination. In Delivery Charges box, you can find our domestic/international rates with different shipping methods that we offer.
    • Step 3 : To determine your Storage Charges, if you already know the storage capacity that you need, set I know my total volume in cbm to Yes. Then just simply enter Storage capacity (cbm) and Total number of unique SKUs.

If you do not know how much Storage capacity you need, set I know my total volume in cbm to No. Then enter the Average product dimension and The number of units of all SKUs you want to store and the Total number of SKUs.

Example of a business profile that has

      • 100 orders/month,
      • 1 unit per order
      • and estimate to require 3 cbm of storage for 10 SKUs
      • Average order weight: 0.2 kg and use Economy Delivery
    • Handling – Cost per month – S$390.00
    • Handling – Average Cost per order – S$3.90 ($2.70 + 1*$1.20)
    • Storage – Cost per month – S$182.639
    • Delivery – Cost per month – S$314 ($3.14*100 orders)
    • Subscription – Cost per month – S$199.00

Total Estimated Cost per month -S$1085.64*

* Charges are exclusive of GST.

Most common questions

What are the domestic delivery options, service levels and cost?

For Domestic Delivery, we have Standard (1-2 days) starting at S$5.25 per shipment, Economy (1-3 days) starting at S$4.00 per shipment including online tracking.

What are the international delivery options, service levels and cost?

International delivery has Economy, Standard and Priority options to more than 220 countries. For example, a 0.5 kg Economy shipment to US will cost S$15.20 which includes tracking.

What channels/marketplaces is ezyCommerce connected to?

ezyCommerce is connected to eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Lazada and Magento for order fulfillment.


Do I need to pay if I sign up and try the platform?

Absolutely not. You are welcome to create an account and try the platform. We will start charging you subscription fee only if you send us an inbound shipment and ship out orders.

How do I send my inventory to ezyCommerce warehouse?

Create an inbound shipment on the platform and you can drop-off the shipment yourself or use a carrier to send the shipment to us. You can also ask your supplier to directly ship the inventory to us.

I require minimum Storage capacity. Can I use  ezyCommerce?

Yes of course. ezyCommerce has a highly-flexible, fully variable pricing policy. Storage rates start from as low as S$60 per month. You can also monitor your Storage on the platform dashboard.

Have more questions? Visit our Pre-signup FAQ page to see answers to everything you
need to know before signing up.

ezyCommerce gives you complete flexibility and scale to grow your business

Enjoy the best rates right from your first order and even lower rates if you have higher volumes. ezyCommerce has a fully-variable pricing model that allows you to run your business without the hassle of paying for fixed costs. Sign up for an account now and start using ezyCommerce!

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Pricing Model
Type of Fees Chargeable Unit
Subscription Per account per month
Storage Per cubic meter per week
Order Processing Per outbound order
Unit Handling Per outbound unit
Order Delivery Per outbound package
Customer Return Per return package1
Inbound Unit Labeling (optional) Per unit labeled2
Inventory Removal Per unit removed3

1 From S$5.49 for packages up to 3kg
2 S$0.20/ piece
3 S$0.50/ piece

Pricing Features

  • ezyCommerce subscription fees is only $199 a month!
  • It easily takes S$5,000 per month to lease warehouse space, hire resources, put infrastructure and run operations. For this cost, you can fulfill and deliver up to 700 orders using ezyCommerce.
  • Most logistics providers charge for fixed costs, have a minimum lease period and offer limited scale. ezyCommerce provides both scale and flexibility at the best price.
All of the below services are included in our pricing
  • Unlimited and guaranteed access to the ezyCommerce platform 24/7
  • Product catalog with unlimited number of products
  • Receiving, Inspection, Scanning, Put away and Storage
  • Optional Labeling service
  • Full inventory visibility to your inventory in our warehouse
  • Order Processing
  • Picking and Packing of your products in one of our standard packaging boxes / pouches
  • Packaging materials such as carton boxes and wrapping materials
  • Enclosing Packing list and customs declaration forms
  • Print and Paste Shipping labels
  • Lodgement of your orders with the carrier
  • Shipping your products to the customer – using the delivery method chosen by you
  • Dedicated client service to answer your queries and resolve issues
Pricing Terms & Conditions
  • All products in Storage must be below the maximum dimension of L+2W+2H less than 3m.Maximum size of handling unit in the warehouse is pallet (Standard or Euro pallets). Storage rates vary by number of SKUs and total storage capacity required. No minimum storage volume is required but unit of Storage for billing purposes is 1 cubic metre.
  • All units received in the warehouse should have a ezy-SKU label which can be printed from the platform in multiple label formats. If you cannot label the products, warehouse will label the products upon receiving the shipment for a small fee. All products should have a scannable barcode for the warehouse to perform labeling.
  • Removal orders can be created for inventory to be removed from the warehouse. SMEs need to self-pickup removal shipment from the warehouse.
  • Other fees may apply, such as special Storage rates for damaged or un-identified products beyond 48 hrs of receiving. No repacking will be done when receiving the products. A long-term Storage fee may be applicable for products stored in the warehouse for an extended period of time, such as beyond 6 months.
  • If you apply for the ezyCommerce-SME grant, your application will be reviewed within 3 working days and you will be informed on the outcome. We reserve the right to revise applicable eligibility terms, accept or refuse the grant without providing any reason. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you can still go ahead and sign-up for ezyCommerce without the grant.