Product Management

Product Management Overview

This section covers sending products to ezyCommerce and moving it out of our warehouse.

Start by reading about our Product restriction to ensure that ezyCommerce fulfills your product category. Learn more about how to send your products safely and securely - Inbound Shipment .


In order for the products to be exportable, the Is Exportable check box during product creation must be checked. Customs information is not mandatory. You can easily enable this by opening the Edit Products and enable the Exportable checkbox.

Inactive products are products that are “barred” from Shipment creation, Order creation and processing etc. Products can be made inactive because they are not sold anymore or temporarily discontinued or seasonal products etc. By default they are excluded from the Products table and products report.

Product labels can be printed after Shipment creation process along with box labels. The Product labels come in multiple templates for readymade printing. Detailed information on label specification can be found at Shipment Prep Guide.

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