Business Beyond Borders — Issue 4

Wanderer Wanderer, a Case Study

When Grace Tan, founder of online fashion retail site Wanderer Wanderer, wanted to reach out to overseas customers, she needed a competitively priced solution for international fulfillment. In ezyCommerce, she found a cost-effective, reliable and scalable end-to-end fulfillment solution, from warehousing to delivery.

When it comes to selling fashion online, Singapore eCommerce retailers face stiff competition. However, Grace Tan, founder of Singapore-based Wanderer Wanderer, saw an opportunity to address a gap in the local online fashion market by providing minimalist, visually appealing jewellery, apparel and home decor. Made from high-quality materials, carefully curated and priced in the mid-range, Wanderer Wanderer’s offerings appeal to shoppers who are willing to pay a bit more for better products.

“I have a strong inclination towards beautiful yet minimal aesthetics in both sartorial and lifestyle choices,” says Tan. “It is a belief that less can actually be more,” she adds, “and when quality is brought into the picture, the products can become perennial favourites in our lives.”

Inspired by this ideal, she created an online shopping experience that embraces her aesthetic belief. From website design to product images and social media outreach, Wanderer Wanderer aims to be stylish but simplistic, and so far it’s proven to be a winning formula.

Since Wanderer Wanderer’s launch in April 2015, Tan and two part-time helpers have been maxing out their workspace in Tan’s home office to meet growing demand from international buyers.


International outreach

When it came to reaching an overseas audience, Tan was challenged to come up with a competitive pricing strategy. A big part of this was the cost of shipping, and she found international courier services to be prohibitively expensive.

Tan also discovered that, in order to continue to expand her business, she would need to increase her back-end efficiency by automating a lot of administrative activities. “I was aware that the entire process of fulfillment would consume a significant amount of time,” she says, “from the printing of labels to packing, and the making of necessary trips and queuing at the post office, to manually updating our back-end with customers’ tracking details.” This was time she felt would be better spent on branding and business development to reach out to new customers.

In addition, Tan adds that space constraints within her home office and the challenge of acquiring consistent, quality part-time help was yet another issue for her.


Many challenges, one solution

Tan was initially attracted to SingPost for its competitive shipping rates when she discovered ezyCommerce, SingPost Group’s multi-channel, cloud-based eCommerce fulfillment solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“The pricing model seemed really flexible and suitable for my business needs,” says Tan. However, she also knew that before she could embark on an international marketing plan she needed to find a suitable fulfillment arrangement that would streamline her entire process and allow her to scale with ease.

Having set up her website using the popular Shopify eCommerce platform, Tan was happy to discover SingPost’s Shopify integration app, which saved her from the time-consuming task of manual order input.

SingPost’s ezyCommerce solution saved her space by providing storage for her inventory, solved her logistics staffing issues by managing her entire inventory and shipping process, and provided peace of mind that orders would still be fulfilled smoothly even when she was on the road.


With ezyCommerce, Wanderer Wanderer benefits from a number of positive outcomes. The time required to manage the company’s overall logistics has been cut in half. This means that Tan doesn’t have to rely so heavily on part-time staff, who can be expensive when business is slow and unreliable when orders peak. The flexible pricing model also ensures that Tan only pays for what she uses.

Tan reports that with most of her inventory stored with ezyCommerce, she’s saved between 40 to 50% of her overall workspace, which makes a big difference for an SME operating out of a home office.

Wanderer Wanderer has also benefitted from operational efficiencies created by ezyCommerce. “Since the fulfillment aspect of the business is largely automated,” says Tan, “we are able to make sure that orders are accurately shipped.”

In less than a year Tan has built a brand that reflects her values and aspirations, and now she is looking to bring the unique style of Wanderer Wanderer to huge online retail audiences in Australia and the US. As Tan expands into new markets, she says that she will be happy to partner with SingPost for her warehousing and fulfillment needs, streamlined processes and inventory management.

“That is one of my goals in the near future,” she says with the assurance that as she expands she can rely on ezyCommerce to help her scale further.