Grow your online business
No more sorting products, packing boxes and pasting labels. We will handle your shipments, storage, fulfillment and delivery – be it ten orders or thousand orders. You can focus on growing your business while we delight your customers with reliable, on-time delivery.
Superfast setup
Signing up for an ezyCommerce account is free and takes only a few minutes. Once your account is approved and you log in, you have access to the full suite of services right away.
Sell on multiple channels
You can sell in multiple marketplaces, platforms or even on your own site. Connect different channels to ezyCommerce and manage your entire business from just one place – thanks to our seamless integrations. Pool and synchronize inventory for multiple sales channels and delight your customers with increased accuracy and speed of shipping.
Put your business on auto-pilot
Once your orders are imported into the ezyCommerce platform, you can sort, process and approve them for fulfillment using only a few clicks. When you are away, you can set preferences to automatically approve your orders. That’s like putting your business on auto-pilot – you step in only when you need to.
Connect from anywhere
ezyCommerce is a fully cloud-based service so you can access it securely anywhere, any time. You can now go on holidays but your business doesn’t
have to.
Secure and backed-up data
Our data is secure and we follow enterprise standard encryption procedures to protect the privacy of your data. All of your data is backed up automatically so you can rest assured we will never lose a byte.
Business Intelligence
Use the interactive dashboard that will provide meaningful and useful information and reports that will allow you to make better decisions when managing and growing your business.
Just Local? Go International
Choose from a range of cost and time optimized delivery options for your orders – be it local or international. If you have an ezyCommerce account, you already have access to our best delivery rates right from your first order.
No conditions apply
No binding contracts, no minimum volumes, no fixed costs and no hassles. Our rates for storage, handling and delivery are fully variable. So you pay only for what you use.
Dedicated client service
EzyCommerce is so easy to use that you will hardly need to pick up your phone to understand how it works. Just in case you need to, we have a dedicated client service team who will help you to resolve any of your questions.